Linux is a powerful OS which is free and is an alternative to Microsoft Windows. Linux is one of the most well known and popular free OS and is from Red Hat.

1) Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)

RHCT: Red Hat Certified Technician is a hands-on and practical test that measures competence on live systems. RHCT is the first step in establishing Linux credentials and is for those transitioning from non-UNIX to Linux environments.To achieve RHCT, the student must pass the following:
a) Red Hat Essential (RH 033)
b) Red Hat Systems Administration (RH 131/133)

2) Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCE

RHCE: This stands for Red Hat Certified Engineer which is a professional designation used to indicate that the individual holds an industry recognized Linux certification. The RHCE is a certification that builds on topics covered in Red Hat’s RHCT. This certification includes more advanced topics such as network security and installing common enterprise networking services.

To achieve the Red Hat Certified Engineer certification, the student might take different routes one of which is to pass the following courses:-
a) Red Hat Essential (RH 033)
b) Red Hat Systems Administration (RH131/133)
c) Red Hat Networking & Security (RH 253)