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If you are interested in a career in IT but are not able to gain a place in the University to study IT, we have the right program for you.

3G Infocom Training, your partner in IT training (想看中文的,请点击这里)

 3G Infocom Training (3GIT) is a PEARSON BTEC (UK) & HRDF (M) approved IT training center.  3GIT is also a PROMETRIC & PEARSON test center. The center is located in the Damansara Intan Business Park, Petaling Jaya.

IT students


DCIT: A unique IT training program

Diploma in Computer and System Development

Register for a 12-months “Computing & Systems Development” training program in 3GIT and you will receive at the end of the training program:

  • Diploma in Computing & Systems Development direct from PEARSON/BTEC (UK).
  • IT certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, CISCO (CompTIA A+, N+, CCNA, MCSA-2008, HTML, CSS, JavaScript).
  • DCIT: Daniel Certified Infocom Technologist from Daniel Wireless LLC (USA).
  • Training fee: RM17,000.00 ONLY for the 12 months program.
  • Requirement: i) Completed secondary education
  •                       ii) 18 years of age or above

With the above vocational diploma and international vendor certifications you are:

i)  Qualified to be employed as Computer System or Network Engineer, anywhere in the world.
ii)  Qualified to apply to Universities in UK, Australia, New Zealand etc for admission into their IT degree program if you wish to pursue tertiary education.
iii)  Qualified for admission to the British Computer Society as an Associate member and use the abbreviation AMBCS.

In search of course of study in IT after SPM


DCIP, an IT program for working adults.

Discussion of part time DCIP coiurseWe have a DCIP program ( Daniel Certified Infocom Professional) which is identical to DCIA but only takes one year and is for working adults who have basic IT experience. Classes are conducted in the evening from 7:00pm to10:00pm, 3 times a week. 

On successful completion of the DCIP, if your achievement matches the requirement of BTEC Vocational Diploma in Computing and Systems Development, you may register for the Diploma and you are also qualified to join the British Computer Society as an associate member and use the designation AMBCS on completion of the number of years of working experience.


IT short courses

We offer a wide range of IT short courses including computer hardware courses COMPTIA , MCSA-2008, MCTS-7, MCTS-Exchange Server, CCNA, CCNP and computer software courses HTML, CSS, JavaScript for website development and Java programming..